Vision 2018

Henry LoSermons


Its fall and for many in our church that means we get back into the routines of life. During this month we will be taking a look at our vision, purpose and mission as a … Listen


Henry LoSermons

God created us and with that God created us with feelings and emotions. Often times we are not sure how to deal with our feelings and emotions and other times we make decisions based on … Listen

The Sermon on the Mount

Henry LoSermons

The words of Christ recorded in Matthew chapters 5, 6 and 7 are often referred to as the Sermon on the Mount. The reason for this title is because Jesus spoke these words to His … Listen

Mother’s Day 2018

Henry LoSermons

On Mother’s day we celebrate Moms and all they do. But what exactly is the key to a healthy relationship, not just with mom, but with anybody? The key is simple, we all need to … Listen

Giving Up

Henry LoSermons

Lent is a time for us to focus and prepare for Easter. Lent is often seen as a time of sacrifice and generosity. People often give up something during this season. It reminds us we … Listen

Family Day 2018

Henry LoSermons


How to parent your kids in a shifting culture and changing world. Deuteronomy 6: 1-9

Facing Life with Faith

Henry LoSermons

We exercise faith daily in so many aspects of our life. We sit in chairs in faith believing it will keep us up. We commute to work and school in faith that we will make … Listen

Hope is on the Way

Henry LoSermons

Advent is a season of anticipation and waiting.  We wait for Christmas with great anticipation of time off from work, gathering with family and friends, presents and gifts.  Advent is also a season where past … Listen

The Life of David



Imagine with me a heart rate monitor. You know you’re alive because the monitor shows a line that goes up and down. If the line becomes flat, you’re in some serious trouble. Can this be … Listen