Small Groups

Henry LoActivity

Small group is the space where we connect, pray and grow together. God has designed us to be in a community and experience something bigger than ourselves!

We hope you will consider joining one of our groups this season! We meet on different days of the week for sharing, bible discussion and prayer. Here are some of the small group offerings below:

  1. Young Adults (20’s and 30’s) – Weekly on Thursdays
    Currently studying Minor Prophets

  2. Young Adults (20's and 30's) – Weekly on Tuesdays
    Uses various formats including bible study, book study, or following a video series

  3. Adults With or Without Young Children – Biweekly on Saturdays
    Currently doing sermon-based topical study

  4. Adults With Grown or Younger Children – Twice a month on Sundays
    Currently studying the Gospel of Mark

  5. Men’s Group – Twice a month on Mondays
    Studying different books of the bible, book studies and discussions

  6. Mixed Adults – Every other Tuesdays
    Currently studying 1, 2, & 3 John; with prayer and support and fun between weeks

  7. Mixed Adults - Weekly on Thursdays
    Studying the Gospel of John (A discovery group for seekers and new believers)