The Life of David



Imagine with me a heart rate monitor. You know you’re alive because the monitor shows a line that goes up and down. If the line becomes flat, you’re in some serious trouble. Can this be a metaphor about life? We have ups and we have downs. The ups are great but the downs can be difficult, but those ups and downs remind us we are still alive.

Join us as we examine the Life of David: Trials and Triumphs. David was a man of contrasts, he went through tough times and also had his triumphs. We will journey through some of David’s life events and explore how they apply to our own life of ups and downs.

1 Samuel 16

Often times we believe that God only calls good and qualified people to serve Him.  As we look at the early part of David’s life we come to discover that David did not have much to offer God.  There is a big difference between what God is looking for in a person compared to what we look for in a person.  The calling of David reminds us that God continues to call unlikely people for extraordinary purposes

1 Samuel 17

This is one of the more familiar stories of the Bible.  David vs. Goliath.  Sports often use this story when an underdog comes face-to-face with an overwhelmingly strong opponent.  Have you ever faced a problem so big it seemed impossible to overcome?  David shows us we need to face our “giants” head on and take a “giant” step of faith believing that God will help us overcome.   Nothing in impossible with God.

1 Samuel 18

At some point in your life you have felt the pain.  The pain of betrayal, an act of treachery, the pain of being “stabbed in the back”.  David experienced the agony of betrayal as King Saul tried over and over to kill David.  What makes David’s experience difficult is that he did nothing wrong and did not deserve that treatment.  However it is David’s response that seems out of place.  He did not seek revenge or retribution but choose a difficult path but ultimately the path that honoured God

1 Samuel 20

Best Friends Forever – that would be an appropriate description of David and Jonathan’s friendship.  God has wired us to be in relationship with one another.  We are all looking for some kind of friendship.  Most of us have friends but the friendship modelled by David and Jonathan is very profound and one we can hold up as a model example of BFFs.  Even Ross, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica could learn from these two. 

1 Samuel 30

Blessing, tragedy and the consequences for David’s lies and compromises.  David stumbles and makes a mess of things.  As a result David loses his family, his city and his friends.  But David did not wallow in self-pity, he did not draw back from God.  In fact, he pursued God more intently and trusted in God’s mercy and love to see him through.  When we face difficulties in life we can use David’s example here to remind us to have hope in hard times. 

2 Samuel 12

David’s life was great.  He was literally “king of the hill”.  Then one incident, one temptation and David’s life began to unravel and he suffered the consequences of his choice.  But we see in the midst of David’s sin a God who is holy and just and sets us free from the power of sin and shame.  Sin continues its destructive pattern of separating us from God but we also see the lengths God will go to restore that relationship and remove our sin. 

Psalm 65

One of the greatest descriptions given to David was that he was a “man after God’s own heart”.  By all means we have come to see that David is not a perfect person.  He was blessed by God but he also had his short-comings.  We come to see that David will be known most for being a man who pursued God with his life.  Those failings did not deter him from an all-out pursuit of God.  Would you like to be known as a person after God’s own heart?