The Life of David



Imagine with me a heart rate monitor. You know you’re alive because the monitor shows a line that goes up and down. If the line becomes flat, you’re in some serious trouble. Can this be … Read More

Thanksgiving 2017



“A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed”[1].  This was the proclamation of the Canadian Parliament to observe Thanksgiving in Canada.  Our Indigenous peoples in … Read More




Its fall and for many in our church that means we get back into the routines of life. Kids go back to school, summer vacation, trips and plans have been accomplished, weekends at the cottage … Read More

Heroes of the Faith

Cecilia MokSermons


This sermon series allowed us to take a look at some examples of people from the Bible and how they lived out their faith in God. Some are well known and others not so much, … Read More

The Book of Galatians: No Other Gospel


Galatians-NO Other Gospel

Have you ever taken time to consider the paradoxical slavery of sin? Most of us would probably answer, “no”, however you only realize that you are restrained, tied down and handcuffed when you try to … Read More